Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Sarah Palin Selling Smarts

From The Boston Hearald:
Within a matter of days, Sarah Palin has gone from virtual unknown to pop culture icon and now has her own - in fact three - action figures.

A trio of Palin action figures went up on the Connecticut-based earlier this week and founder Emil Vicale was fielding thousands of orders yesterday.

Talk about an online sales success story...

There’s the Palin “executive model” dressed in a pantsuit. There’s the “super hero” Palin with a .45 caliber strapped to her thigh and the midriff-bearing, red-bra wearing “school girl” Palin.
Whats Next? A McCain action figure? whoops... too late:
A bulked up-John McCain action figure and a bare-chested, ripped “beach blanket Obama.”
Vicale said he’s been getting “thousands of orders” for the Palin figurines - so many he couldn't even keep count. “We’re just trying to hold on and make sure the Web site doesn’t shut off,” Vicale said.

“She’s hot,” Vicale said of the Alaska governor and 44-year-old mom of five. “She put the hot in hot.”

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