Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Apple's iPhone 3G 'siphons' sales from other smartphone vendors in July

From the Associated Press this week: Sales of the iPhone 3G "siphoned off sales from other smartphone vendors" in July, Morgan Keegan analyst Tavis McCourt wrote in a note to investors Tuesday.

It seems that Apple has finally been able to breakinto the business smartphone market.

The iPhone 3G remains the top-selling phone at most AT&T stores in North America and the U.K., according to data from Morgan Keegan. Inventory issues related to the iPhone arose in August at AT&T stores but not at Apple stores, the analyst said.

McCourt said the iPhone 3G ranks higher than the Blackberry Curve, which had kept its spot as the top-seller at AT&T stores for more than a year. The Curve has been repriced to $99 from $149, and McCourt believes that will accelerate sales.

At AT&T stores, top-sellers behind the iPhone 3G and Blackberry Curve are the Samsung Blackjack 2, Palm Centro and Blackberry Pearl.

At Verizon and Sprint stores, where the iPhone 3G is not available, the top three sellers are the Blackberry Curve, Palm Centro and Blackberry Pearl.
So, the question remains - is the iphone 3G a great tool for increasing your sales success, or is it a fun phone for watching Star Trek reruns?
Beam Me Up Scotty
The new iPhone 3G gets all the good business features. If your company uses Microsoft Exchange, iPhones will handle email, calendar items and contacts the way Blackberries and other Smartphones do.Included in the new feature set: push email, push calendar, push contacts and access to your corporate global address and distribution lists.
Now, off to watch Trouble with Tribbles.

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